Father and mom

Hi, how are you? Are you guy doing ok? I hope you guy are doing ok. I came to send the mail to you because of my situation and Yerim situation. Nowadays we haven"t talk to each other recenly like before since I came to knew that Yerim is talking with another Korean guy in Australia. I try to beg her to stop doing this but she still wanna talk with the guy. I don"t know why. I feel like because of Yerim and I are far away from each other so she needs someone to take care of herself beside her but i can"t because I only can text and see her by skype. I just wanna beg you guys that I don"t wanna lost Yerim. I love your daughter as you guys do. I like to make her smile and I like to take care of her. She is the person who make my life wonderful. And She is the person who I wanna marry with serious . After I knew that she had the another guys, I had talked to her and she said that her mom gonna let her come to USA on august or maybe after her sis moves to the new house. But right now I am not sure that she gonna come here so I am begging you guy that please let Yerim come to NYC and stay with me. I will be the one who gonna watch her out instead of you guys. And I promise that I am not gonna make Yerim feel sad and I am not gonna fight with Yerim. I will take a good care of her. This is my last hope that I can stay with Yerim. Please help me. My family love Yerim alot especially my mom she likes Yerim alot whenevr I talks with my mom she always ask about Yerim how is Yerim? Are you guy doing ok? Like this. I feel sorry that I am bothering you guys but I really wanna stay with Yerim. So please help me. I have a dream with Yerim. Please make this happen to me. And I will be very thankful for you guys. I really still waiting for Yerim in here. Please please love and respect you guys alot

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